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Condimento Supremo

2 January 2018   We are very proud to announce that our ‘Condimento Supremo’ has been awarded the honour of being included in the 2018 top ‘100 Food paradises’  by Cuisine Kingdom Inc Japan, in their 8th Annual premium gourmet food awards.   This prestigious honour was judged by 20 top Japanese chefs and professional food buyers….


6 November 2017

Indossa sempre la corona e ha un robusto mantello che lo protegge ermeticamente. Un compagno resistente che viaggiava a proprio agio nelle carovane dei mercanti, tra gioielli e spezie dall’Oriente. Un amico generoso il melograno. Nato per regalare energia e benessere. Un frutto apprezzato in tutto il mondo, custode di numerose virtù. Noi di Acetomodena gli…

Change the shape , not the Substance

2 December 2015

Vinegar is our work. Doing it the best way is our duty. We want products that are in tune with the beautiful design, beautiful shape and the languages of modernity without losing identity. So we changed the bottle and labels, created a system of colors to give vibrancy to everything we do and designed packaging…


27 November 2015

From the kitchen to the table the icons on the packaging and on the bottles will help you make the most of  Acetomodena products. Fish, red meat, white meat, cheese, raw vegetables, strawberries, cakes, ice cream, cocktails: Follow our suggestions as to how to use each individual product.