The vines in winter

So far it’s been a particularly mild winter. Only these days the frost bites. And the rows of vines in the fields take on the mild composure which distinguishes them during these seasons. Relaxing in the fields the vines are without leaves at the moment and the buds are still far away. They seem like fragile sculptures, but are in fact are disguising surprising strength. They resist the mood swings of time, the whipping wind, and the mist which envelops everything on the typical cold wet winter Modenese days.

Vines need care, in any season. During the winter, however, they need extra care. Every day we check all the vines, Trebbiano and Lambrusco. Because even if they seem to be sleeping – the vines are just waiting. The sun of the spring brings life. And we patiently protect them, knowing that one day we will reap the fruits to transform them into beautiful balsamic products.