There is a saying form Modena that goes like this:
‘He who goes slowly, goes healthily and far’.
Nothing is truer for our vinegar.
It goes slowly, in the sense that in order to mature
it takes the time that it needs.
It goes healthily, because it is Mother Nature who makes it.
It goes far, because its known all over the world.



The Elixir of slowness



An Agricultural Society

First of all is the love of the land. Cultivated with passion and dedication. There are hectares of vineyards of Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes around the farm. Acetomodena is an agricultural society before an acetaia. Those who work there know the territory, what it can give. And they know not to exploit it, but to support it with respect and passion. That’s why the products that come from here have a special character. And they speak the language of honest and sincere authenticity.




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