We at Acetomodena are professionals and
Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena enthusiasts. Every day we work to respect a centuries-old tradition by combining it with a constant search for modernity, which is expressed in an insatiable curiosity for the flavours of the world and in our avant-garde acetaia, surrounded by 5 hectares of our own vineyards (we have 16 hectares of our own vineyards in total), from where we gaze upon the lush surrounding fields through its expansive windows.


You can see us arriving by bicycle, because everything is farm-to-table.



The care we devote to our land focuses on the present, but we have a duty and the desire to cherish it for future generations as well. Conquering new palates from faraway lands is a wonderful challenge that we set ourselves continuously, studying and creating products that meet both the needs of the more traditional and the boldest culinary experiments.