The love of the land comes first, and it is cultivated with wisdom and dedication.
We know it and we nurture it with respect and passion.
Our vineyards brush against the city of Modena, 5 hectares of Lambrusco and Trebbiano (we have 16 hectares of our own vineyards in total), the only grapes that can guarantee a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.

We only use our own grapes,
on our own land,
and that has always been
our biggest inspiration.

Our balsamic vinegar has a deep and unbreakable bond with Modena, the land from which it is born. It couldn’t be anywhere else. It couldn’t be any other way.
That’s why the warmth of the sun, the severity of winter
and the harmonious and non-stop flow of the seasons can be felt in all our products.