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  • Extravecchio DOP 25 anni

    Extravecchio PDO 25 years


    Direct from our vineyards. Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes. Maturing in barrels of various precious woods. There is no other ingredient. Only time. An expectation. At least 25 years of rest in silence, meditating on one virtue: that of the purest pleasure. Absolute.

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  • Affinato DOP 12 anni

    Affinato PDO 12 years


    A long walk. Noble and slow. In 12 years the Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes harvested from our vineyards and deposited in barrels of different woods acquire definite and distinctive traits.  Every drop is a shock, a thrill. To savour. To share.

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  • Smeraldo



    There is wisdom. Composure. Elegance. Gentle ways to shine. Over time it has forgotten anxieties, worries. And now it enjoys a healthy self confidence. His better side is to awaken ancient appetites with a smile and a certain vigor. In short, the Aged One knows his stuff.

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  • Oro



    Pure pleasure. A few drops are enough to enhance mature cheeses, to bring a smile to red fruit salads, ice creams and chocolate cakes. They will brighten the smile of each diner.

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  • Argento PGI



    Use on grilled red meat, pork roast, grilled vegetables, fish slices. Every drop is a flash of taste. A jolt of energy.

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  • Aceto Balsamico di Modena - Nera



    Transforms white meat, boiled vegetables, marinades and roast meats into works of culinary art. A light rain that enhances the dish and satisfies the palate.

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  • Rossa


    A sharp note that enhances all that is raw –  vegetables and salads. An echo of pleasure in the palate. It renders everything fresh, spontaneous, lively, colourful. Like a never ending spring.

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