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Black Garlic


Let’s clarify two things immediately: black garlic is not present in nature and its taste is less intense than that of white garlic. Having said that, we can say that this delicacy is obtained through a slow fermentation process. Fresh garlic bulbs are left for thirty days in a humid environment and then oxidized for another forty-five days. In this way, soft, black cloves are obtained that have double the antioxidants of fresh garlic. Not bad, right?

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Rich in phosphorus, proteins and calcium, black garlic is a ‘superfood’ that reduces fatigue and prevents cellular aging. A real ‘all round cure’, like white garlic, for the treatment of infections and toothache, black garlic is an effective natural antibiotic. A less pungent smell, a sweeter flavour than white garlic, and an aftertaste that smells of licorice, black garlic makes an ideal ingredient in the kitchen for sautés, risotto, bruschetta and pasta sauces. So go on, indulge yourself with black garlic.

Parallel Worlds

The beneficial qualities of garlic have been known for thousands of years, but those of black garlic are in some respects amazing. Take your mind for a wander, you begin to think about the therapeutic power of certain medicinal herbs and then, wandering around further, meet Benedictine monks on the way who, when they don’t dedicate themselves to the hour, are busy in  labora made up of activities in the fields around secular monasteries. Hallelujah.


You choose: either risotto or short pasta. Sauté black garlic, black cabbage, courgettes and previously blanched or steamed cauliflower, all chopped into small pieces. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, of course. Add the vegetables to the pasta, add a drop of oil and a dash of our black garlic dressing. Your diners will thank you.