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Charming and creative. This is the essence of a fruity condiment, created to stimulate imagination in the kitchen and give a splash of vitality to game dishes, beef fillets, to green salads and even to ice creams.

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A lively character, cheerful, alert. Always inclined to smile. Loves playing with ingredients and he knows how to be appreciated everywhere. Immediacy is his virtue, there are no shadows when he accompanies red meats and game, but a light that also illuminates cakes, ice creams and more creative ideas.

Parallel Worlds

Summer and coolness. Clover, moss, pine needles. Strawberries, currants and blueberries are favoured friends. Gusts of wind. The sun’s rays filtering through the branches of trees. It’s a symphony of the forest which also resonates masterfully on the table.


Raspberry quail

Clean the quails and pass them over the fire to facilitate the removal of their residual plumage. Place them in a large pan and brown them over a low heat together with two crushed garlic cloves, sage, rosemary, salt and pepper. When the quail skin is golden, pour in some raspberry condiment and cover with a lid, lowering the heat and checking from time to time. Continue to pour in the condiment gradually until the quail has a caramelized brown color. Meanwhile, put the quail eggs to boil in lightly salted water until hardened, calculating ten minutes from boiling. While the quails are cooking, put a pan with two liters of salted water on the stove. When the water boils pour in the polenta, which should be mixed with a spoon to avoid the formation of lumps, until cooked. Pour an adequate amount of polenta on a plate, top with a napped quail with its caramelised raspberry condiment sauce, and the eggs cut in half. Serve.