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Affinato PDO 12 years


A long walk. Noble and slow. In 12 years the Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes harvested from our vineyards and deposited in barrels of different woods acquire definite and distinctive traits.  Every drop is a shock, a thrill. To savour. To share.

Size: 100 ml


Brio and vivacity are the elements that define the character of Affinato. Full of life, extroverted, euphoric, expansive, this vinegar has everything to seduce and enchant.  It has an important international role on the gastronomical stage – it is the classical soloist who gives that extra touch to the whole orchestra.  Undeniable charm, Affinato was born of love and loves to please.

Parallel Worlds

Art. Beauty. Originality. Exuberance. Pleasure. This is the ideal humus for Affinato, traditional balsamic vinegar that matures 12 years before expressing all its energy. Born to dance, bring joy and cheer the finest palates, Affinato has a unique gift: enhancing what is already good to make it sublime.


Wild radicchio salad

Freshly picked wild radicchio, with green leaves (and some half green and half red), is crunchy, sour… a goodness. Washed well and remove small roots. Add pieces of green apple, moistened with a few drops of lemon so that they do not become dark. Take some fillets of herring, or if you want a more delicate taste, choose those of swordfish. Cut them into small pieces and add them to the salad. Do the same with some walnut kernels. If you like, you can add light layers of fresh tropea onion. Not too much though, in order not to alter the balance. Add sea salt from Cervia or Trapani, extra virgin olive oil and a couple of tablespoons of sesame seeds. Seasoned with Affinato. Success is guaranteed.