A emotional journey, artistic and tasty, through our deep passion for Balsamic Vinegar.

It is with great pride that we open the doors of our farmhouse (Acetaia) to anyone wishing to learn more about the world of balsamic vinegar of Modena, the traditions that tie it to the Modenese territory and the process that allows the production of this Modenese gastronomic excellence. Tasting our products will allow you to savor the results of our work, which starts in the vineyards surrounding our acetaia and continues inside the maturation and aging rooms of our traditional balsamic vinegar.

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Guided Tours

A tour with one of our experts to discover where our black gold ages and rests. The tour will be followed by a tasting session of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Duration of the tour: 30 minutes



Guided Tour + Personalized Tasting session

Guided tour through the rooms where our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena ages, followed by a tasting session of our products accompanied by the gastronomic excellence of the Modenese area

Duration of the visit: 50 minutes

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The Mural

Our mission is aiming for excellence, and this single thought that runs through the entire company. That is why we decided to imprint our vision onto the facades of our company, making it a distinctive attribute of our identity.

Here Art becomes our storyteller, sharing the story of our acetaia to anyone. The most intimate part of ourselves comes overtly out and becomes visible to everyone. A clear and strong sign that cannot be ignored, exactly like a sentinel's warning.

We proudly present Luca Zamoc's "SENTINELLA" (sentinel/sentry) mural for Acetomodena.

Walk in the Vineyard

A short walk through our vineyards to learn about the grape varieties from which Traditional Balsamic of Modena

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During the tour as well as any other day of the week it will always be possible to buy products from our acetaia.