"Sentinella" (The Sentry)

The mural by Luca Zamoc for Acetomodena

In the vineyard the roses bloom.
Hares, blackbirds and pheasants have patiently waited for them.


The roses planted at the head of the rows of vines tell of an ancient tradition based on the strength of will, which is rooted in the magical symbiosis between plants and man.
The rose is, in fact, a “spy” plant, and acts as a real life ‘Sentry’, warning in advance of any diseases and parasites which could be arriving in the vineyard.
The beauty and scent of this marvellous flower should not distract us from its precious work in constant defence of the vineyard.
The thorny stalks become a bulwark from which the pheasant sends out his shrill cries of warning. He who, greedy for grapes, is always on the alert.
This has been happening for centuries.


Today, technology has advanced, and yet the rose is still there.
Because without it, what would become of the vineyard? And the pheasant? What would happen to memories?
Handing down tradition is our vocation.
Striving for excellence is our mission, a single thought that runs through the entire company.
This is why we wanted to fix our vision, our attitudes onto the facades of the Acetaia.
Art is our accomplice here, we entrust it with our memory, certain that it will be able to tell everyone.
The most intimate part of our story comes out into the open, visible to all.
A clear and strong signal which, just like a sentry’s warning, cannot be ignored.


Proudly, we present the mural “SENTINELLA” (‘THE SENTRY’)
by Luca Zamoc for Acetomodena


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Luca Zamoc

Italian artist Luca Zanni was born in 1986 in Modena. From an early age he has been inspired by comics, mythology and human anatomy. His work ranges between several medias including digital, mural, comic and hand drawn illustration. His work investigates the relationship between Man/Nature through Mythology and Mythology/Man through Nature. He currently lives in Milan and teaches Drawing and Illustration at the Polimoda of Florence.

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