There are stories that are handed down in a perfume

The perfume of a life

There are stories that are handed down in a perfume. Woods and rooms. Fields and rows. The perfume reminds you of generations past. Paolo Vecchi has breathed this perfume, rooted in him since childhood, transforming into the passion of a lifetime.

Tenacity and a far-sighted obstinacy have never abandoned him and now these perfumes are generously guarded in a white acetaia as beautiful as the most beautiful of whales. From a distance the acetaia seems like a vessel that sails safely on the routes of new scenarios to explore. As if the Modena countryside is a port from which to sail its most valuable perfume around the world.

An Authentic mission. Paolo Vecchi is a brave captain who moves fast everywhere with the patience that genuine people possess. The perfume – balsamic of by virtue of its slow slow awareness of becoming.

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