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The scent of Grandma’s home cooking. The joy of snow in a glass. Saba is a grape syrup of ancient origin, a heritage of our rural culture in Modena that is obtained from the prolonged slow cooking of fresh grape must. Loved by chefs for its flexibility, it is perfect for marinating, seasoning and gives a touch of originality to sweets.

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Size: 250 ml


Carefree. Playful and lively. The character of the Saba is undoubtedly strong-willed, tenacious and resistant. Not afraid of the passing of time, it has on his side the virtue of someone who knows a lot. This is why it is loved by great chefs.

Parallel Worlds

A past memory. Farmyards with fluttering hens. Rivers that dry up in the summer, rows of poplar trees that bend in the wind. The bell towers of Emilia that seem to want to prick the clouds and the spikes of grain that dance smoothly.


Appetizer of beans and chicory alla saba

Cook the beans for as long as necessary in a pot with a bay leaf. Wash, drain and sauté the chopped chicory with a little garlic and chilli in a non-stick pan with a little extra virgin olive oil. Add the chicory to the beans, season with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of Saba. Serve the appetizer hot, if you want you can accompany it with a small  portion of steamed long-grain rice.