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Sublime 12 years


Not everyone knows there is a Palio della Ghirlandina. Only family vinegar producers of Modena and its immediate surroundings can enter. In honour of the prize we won in 2015 we created ‘Sublime’ – a ‘Family Reserve’ condiment which has been aged for twelve years. Sublime can be thought of as a symbol of our efforts, our enthusiasm and our skill of balsamic making, which is why we’ve created this product in a bottle of 50ml – small and light, ready to travel around the world.

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Size: 50 ml


Familiarity and joie de vivre. To share. It has an availability that surprises, positively of course. It can be simple and spontaneous, like any good self-respecting Emilian. Then, going deeper, one discovers an infinite, cheerful, genuine generosity. There is humor, there is an elegance and even a seductive sobriety. Appreciated by fine palates.

Parallel Worlds

Tradition and culture. Waiting as a state of mind. Silence. As John Cage meant with His work 4’33 “. The sheet music instructs the performer to not play for the entire duration of the piece, highlighting the importance of the sounds of the environment itself. Once the song is over, the suspension is over, the wait is over: and the world starts breathing again Sublime.


Sublime cubes of tuna with green tea

Choose a meaty tuna fillet and cut it into cubes. Steam the cubes with water flavored with green tea: this addition will release a unique and enveloping taste during cooking. Accompany the cubes with a julienne of raw, crunchy and fresh vegetables: peppers, carrots, celery, red onion. Season the cubes and vegetables with extra virgin olive oil, salt and some drops of Sublime. Et voilà le jeux son fait!