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Summer in the kitchen – all year round. Pearly reflections that dance on meat and game. A perfect combination with fresh cheeses and ice creams. It is an original twist that defines the dish in the best of ways.

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Initially timid and shy, as soon as it realizes that there is trust around he comes out of his shell, offering itself in a full and enjoyable way. Because in this condiment there is a genuine joy that tastes like the countryside toasted by the sun.

Parallel Worlds

White roads. Those dirt roads and that abandon themselves to the sun. The hills marked by Cypress trees. The mild September air. The brambles and the hawthorn. The Italian countryside, from north to south. Cuttlefish ink.


Cheese platter with honey and blackberry

The only difficulty here is in choosing the cheeses, which must create a perfect harmony together. Usually five are chosen; one soft, two semi-hard and two hard that are arranged in a radial pattern on a wooden or ceramic cutting board. In the middle, arrange two bowls, one of honey, since cheeses are sugar-free, the other with Blackberry dressing. If you want you can complete the cutting board with a very finely chopped radicchio salad, slices of green apple and Kaiser pear, raw radishes, pomegranate grains, avocado slices, raw spring onions served with extra virgin olive oil. Among the various cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano cannot be missing. For others, follow your taste (goat, pecorino, taleggio, gorgonzola, fontina from Valle d’Aosta …).