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Enhances fried potatoes, grilled vegetables and ham and excites as an accompaniment to white fish. A bubbly and carefree note that supports the ideas of those who move with the desire to impress in the kitchen.

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A great ocean navigator, multilingual, he knows how to satisfy anyone’s appetites thanks to his exotic freshness, imbued with charm and legend.

Parallel Worlds

India certainly. Cardamom and turmeric for the best curry. Tropics. Palm trees and reggae music. Pirates and legends. Bazaars and exotic perfumes. Pungent, invigorating, healthy, fresh: the palate says thank you.


Orange and ginger tuna burger
Finely chop the tuna with a knife or in a mixer to speed up the operation and place it in a bowl, add the fresh grated ginger, dill and chopped parsley. Grate the orange zest to taste. Add the mint and salt. Mix together. Take a cutting board, place a sheet of baking paper on it, lay pastry rings with a diameter of 10 cm and fill them with the tuna mixture, taking care to press with a spoon. The height of the burger should be about 1 cm. Brush with extra virgin olive oil to prevent sticking during cooking and prepare the others until all the tuna mixture is used up. Transfer the burgers to a hot pan with the help of parchment paper so that they remain compact, remove the paper and cook for about a minute per side. Accompany the burgers with mayonnaise, mustard and acacia honey mixed together, and a fresh salad. Add a few drops of ginger condiment over the hot burgers. And, if you like, put them in hot fluffy burger buns.