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An autumn fruit with beneficial effects, especially for the intestines and the heart, the pear has been known since humans became sedentary. In China, in East Asia, in Europe, in North Africa, the pear is distinguished in numerous varieties that all have a common denominator: being good for the palate and equally good for the body.

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We have talked of the numerous varieties and of the beneficial effects. However, not everyone knows that one pear is enough to satisfy our daily fiber requirement. In addition to the richness of fiber, the fruit is generous in vitamin C and potassium, is diuretic and low in calories. An antioxidant par excellence, the pear is good for the heart and helps athletes’ performance. It is also delicious.

Parallel Worlds

We are in the autumn. The leaves turn from green to red, to yellow and to brown before lightly dancing to the ground. The pear keeps the same colors of this season that the widespread stereotype suggests melancholy. But it isn’t so. It’s enough to nibble on a pear to understand that autumn is wonderful. The sweet juice and the sinuous shape recalls the silhouette of belly dancers and gypsy guitars. What more do you want to dream?


Cheese and pear is an appetizer, dish or dessert that has been known and appreciated since the Middle Ages. What makes the combination amazing, however, is the choice of cheeses and the quality of the fruit. Roquefort, Bleu d’Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert or Montbrison, Camembert, Neufchâtel, Brie or Coulommiers, Asiago, Fontina, Caciotta or Gorgonzola are accompanied in a sublime way with Abate pears and a little honey. If you then wash it all down with our dressing, the sublime becomes heavenly.