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Pure pleasure. A few drops are enough to enhance mature cheeses, to bring a smile to red fruit salads, ice creams and chocolate cakes. They will brighten the smile of each diner.

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Size: 250 ml


A great dreamer. Engaging and convincing, it knows how to deal with any kind of situation. Self-confident, with its acidity it draws cheeses with a strong character and fruits from every continent. It never backs down, it’s courage is contagious. It is a driver. Great company, it has a bright smile, which seduces at any latitude.

Parallel Worlds

It shares with art the sparkle of colour, with music luminous sheet music, with architecture tapered gothic bell towers and skyscrapers that rise to infinity. With literature it shares a love of emotion, with cinema that for intrigue and suspense. In the kitchen it finds harmony with those who know how to combine creativity and fantasy.


Salad in a basket

First of all, the basket must be created, one for each diner. Take two tablespoons of grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Heat in a non-stick pan until an amber-colored wafer forms. Work it while it is still hot by modeling it on an inverted bowl. Let it cool. Fill the basket with wild salad leaves garnished with strips of bacon sautéed in a pan to make them crunchy. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt and season with a spoonful of Oro.