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This condiment made from white grapes and white wine vinegar is born from a passion for French mustard. Mustard seeds float in this dressing with the colours of  Van Gogh sunflowers. The aroma is incredible, travelling between Orléans and Dijon, Bordeaux and Meaux, past the Alsace onto our plates. Et voila.

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Energy and fluency. Verve. The personality of this dressing is strong-willed and persuasive. It ignites the palate without burning, bringing a smile to the diner. This vinegar has a beautiful character.

Parallel Worlds

There is the north, reaching the Atlantic. There is straw yellow. There is the taste of summer burning in the sun. There is the force of an aroma that gives energy to everything. There’s the wind that ruffles the stalks of wheat bringing joy to the plate.


Pork fillet with mustard

Take a nice fillet of pork and cut into slices two or three centimeters thick. Put some sweet mustard on each side and leave to marinate for a few hours.  When the guests are at the table, heat a frying pan and crumble in a few grains of salt, chopped rosemary, a bay leaf and a clove of garlic cut in two.  When the pan is hot fry the fillets for a few minutes on each side adding a little white mustard dressing.  Once cooked place the fillets in a dish garnished with blueberries and raspberries in summer or with pieces of orange in the winter. Finally add a drizzle of olive oil extra virgin olive oil – buon appetito.