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Lavander. A beloved plant for millennia. Seeing it is a painting, listening to it a song. Innocent like the exhaustion of spring, when petals scattered in the fields blend with the blue of the sky, lavender is a friend. It gives off a warmth that feels like the sun shining in your hand.

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Purple is the colour of dreams, a colour that ignites emotions: when the wind sighs among rows of lavender, life tastes as sweet as honey. Its antibacterial virtues are known and, thanks to the properties of its essential oils, lavender is useful for headaches, insomnia, coughs and insect bites. But we like to use it as a fragrance for one of our condiments, because that’s how we are: in the pursuit of beauty and goodness we have a lot of fun.

Parallel Worlds

Provence and Paul Cezanne, ça va sans dire. Admiring the views of lavender in full bloom is one of the most satisfying and exciting experiences that can be lived in those enchanted places.

In ancient Morocco, as well as in ancient Rome, it was used to cleanse the body and hair. Our grandmothers used dried lavender flowers kept in canvas bags: how nice it was to open the closets and be stunned for a moment by the perfume. In short, we are talking about a plant that has centuries of history supported by the intermittent song of crickets. Elegance, kindness, meekness and delicacy are intrinsic virtues of the flower, which, combined together, release an intense perfume of freedom.


Spring salad

Simple simple, therefore special: We propose this salad to make the most of the lavender flavoured dressing. Take some lettuce, valerian, red radicchio, rocket. Choose some mixed flowers such as jasmine, rose, violets, passion flower and the lavender itself. Be careful, choose only flowers that you know are edible. Chop up the various leaves with your hands, mix them together and sprinkle them with flowers. Dress with extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of Cervia salt and a few drops of our dressing. D3ivine goodness.