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Thyme, it is known, has antiseptic properties which have been known since the time of the Egyptians. A plant beloved by the Greeks, thyme is the quintessence of mare nostrum. Our new white dressing makes it easy to bring this delicate aroma on the table.

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The scientific name of this plant comes from the greek words for strength, for courage. Odysseus and Nausicaa meet. The rocky cliff and the waves. Love and sweetness. The light becomes infinite and the delicacy of clouds in transit. This dressing is a beautiful oxymoron: force and good gracefully dance together on the plate.

Parallel Worlds

The remote, the old, the night of times past. The sea gleams that flood our shores. A Mediterranean full of life and full of grace. Amphorae and trapezoidal sails. Myths that never cease to exist, thus as immortal as the waves kept by the Pillars of Hercules.


Fresh tuna tartare

Fresh thyme. Take the tuna steak and cut it into slices. Cut each slice cut into small cubes one centimeter thick. Season with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt of Cervia, chopped basil and sprinkle with our white dressing with thyme.