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Anice Stellato


We are tireless travelers. We chase the exotic from within us. And we bring it to the table for your pleasure. The East – graceful anice star leaves float on the surface of a white dressing of white cooked grape must and wine vinegar. Yin and Yang are served.

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Size: 250 ml


Strong personality, no doubt. As decisive as a good handshake, as tough as the tropical heat. Persuasive,  clever, original, surprising, multifaceted and never conformist. In short, this dressing has a really nice personality, that knows a lot about travelling far without getting lost in melancholy.

Parallel Worlds

From Asia with love. Around the World in Eighty particles. The Silk Road. The carpets and turbans. The markets in which spicy colors of ancient cultures triumph. The vital and irrepressible exuberance that the earth that rotates on itself.


Asian gin and tonic

This dressing flavored with anice star is perfect on couscous, basmati rice, stewed vegetables. But also try it in a drink that Rudyard Kipling would have liked too.  As you know the gin and tonic was the official drink of the English of East India and includes: Gin 4/10 (choose a good one), 6/10 of tonic water, a slice of lemon, ice and a few drops of white dressing flavoured with anice star which –  for the occasion – must be kept strictly in the fridge.