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Perhaps not everyone knows that the real fruit of the strawberry is not the red pulp, but the seeds that cover it. Jokes of nature. Known since the dawn of time, a Roman legend tells that when the beautiful Adonis died, Venus wept many tears that turned into fields and fields of strawberries. Strawberry fields forever …


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This small fruit is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chlorine and sulfur, iodine, bromine and vitamin A, with traces of vitamin B and a good amount of vitamin C. It is an antioxidant, and helps in cases of rheumatism and colds. It is also excellent against sunburn. Just apply them squashed on the reddened skin, leave them there for a few hours and that’s it.

Parallel Worlds

Strawberries and wild strawberries, from the fields and woods, from here and beyond the oceans: ‘living is easy with eyes closed’ as a well-known verse from a well-known song from a few decades ago says. Of course it was easy for the four young men from Liverpool who sang it, better known as the Beatles, to dream. To the point that they made young people all over the world dream. Yes, strawberries, despite being a fruit that loves the mountains, are in some respects very, very British, just think of Wimbledon and the crystal cups full of the red fruits topped with a veil of whipped cream that queens, princes and duchesses like so much, including those of Kent.


The list of desserts based or garnished with strawberries is endless. Cakes, parfaits, sorbets and so on and so forth. Without forgetting cocktails. But we offer the classic cut of beef, which we prefer rare also for reasons of colour combination, complete with a red sauce accompanied by our strawberry dressing. You already know how to cook the steak, the important thing is that the meat is of the highest quality. To make the sauce, just take some good strawberries, pass them in a blender, pour the liquid into a small bowl, filtering it to remove the seeds, season with a little extra virgin olive oil and our strawberry dressing, add a mint leaf and place it on the plate next to the cut. When you season the meat with a drizzle of oil, do not hesitate to sprinkle a few more drops of our dressing. Well done.