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Transforms white meat, boiled vegetables, marinades and roast meats into works of culinary art. A light rain that enhances the dish and satisfies the palate.

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Size: 250 ml


High tempo: the musical spirit never leaves it. It vibrates on food with its own engaging rhythm. The charm is that of the seducer, the verve is cool: a little existentialist, a little dolce vita, a little noir, nocturnal and intriguing. Loves the black of vinyl.

Parallel Worlds

It is immediate to think of the mosaics, but of the Roman ones, not Byzantine ones. With the black scales that make up marine animals, vessels and divine beings. In modern times there is abstract expressionism, jazz. In contemporary times there is a taste for drama that has inspired so much cinema.


Carpaccio in color

This dish thrives on color contrasts. The first color is the green of the valerian leaves: they are washed, dried and spread over the entire serving dish. Season with extra virgin olive oil, salt and some drops of Nera. The second color is red. Spread the strips of quality raw beef meat on the bed of leaves. Season in the same way. Here is the white: lay Parmesan flakes on the meat. Finally the black: sprinkle the flakes with drops of Nera. Serve.