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There is wisdom. Composure. Elegance. Gentle ways to shine. Over time it has forgotten anxieties, worries. And now it enjoys a healthy self confidence. His better side is to awaken ancient appetites with a smile and a certain vigor. In short, the Aged One knows his stuff.

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Cooked must of our Lambrusco grapes and wine vinegar. A balanced blend, aged in barrels that give body and perfume to the final product. A perfect accompaniment to all kinds of Italian dishes, according to taste, to region, to tradition.

Parallel Worlds

Regional cuisine. Tradition. Roots. From Pellegrino Artusi to ‘slow eating’. And then the seasons, which
alternate lights, colors, sensations. Sculptures in parks, benches in the gardens, the poplar and the elm, the oak and the horse chestnut. Unpaved country roads, farmhouses with rows of vines. Emotions that vibrate in the past to suddenly re-emerge in today’s tastes.


Wrapped pork fillets
Take a nice whole pork tenderloin. Cut it into slices of three / four centimeters thick. Wrap each piece of fillet with strips of bacon. Brown them in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil, a bay leaf and a sprig of rosemary, turning them from side to side often. As soon as they are cooked, place them on a serving dish and sprinkle them with a few drops of Smeraldo. Excellent with roasted potatoes or sweet and sour onions.