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A sharp note that enhances all that is raw –  vegetables and salads. An echo of pleasure in the palate. It renders everything fresh, spontaneous, lively, colourful. Like a never ending spring.

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Size: 250 ml


Carefree, friendly, lively and outgoing. Generous and courteous. It loves to talk with the leaves, the fruits and find itself in everything that recalls nature. It knows a lot of stories, of the seasons painted by colors. Multilingual, it does not contemplate borders. It has an anarchic and libertine spirit, without excessive arrogance or presumption.

Parallel Worlds

Flowers. Berries. Grape leaves in autumn. The red of the larches. Nature is its habitat, when it is carefree and cheerful, lively and sparkling. And then the colors. The palette of the impressionist painter, the gloss of a pop artist. And the music, syncopated and hopping. Finds similarities in bright red wines, with purple and cherry reflections which, when you uncork them, slip into the palate, preceding the first pleasant sip.


Red on red

This salad is a purple triumph. Take the Treviso red radicchio. Remove the leaves, wash them, dry them and cut them into strips. Add some raw fennel and cut into strips. Unite very thin slices of orange, pitted black olives, chopped walnuts and flax seeds. Dress with extra virgin olive oil, salt and some drops of Rossa.